Following are the known errata for Programming in JavaScript: Algorithms and Applications for Desktop and Mobile Browsers. Acknowledgments: Mary Alverson (LMU), Will Averill (LMU), Marc Feeley (Université de Montréal), Dan McGrath (LMU).

Page 131:

Line 5: A question mark is missing between foundDivisor and "not".

Immediately after line 5: A closing brace (}) should be inserted as the last line of the code block.

Page 174:

Line 5: (this.width * this.height) should be (this.width + this.height).

Page 176:

Figure 5.5: Value of the length property in the Circle object should be 1, not 2.

Page 348:

Exercise 11: There should be no period between c1 and instanceof, and the text "where c1 is an instance of ColoredCircle" needs to be added between the words "Circle" and "has the value true."

Page 603:

Line 20: The condition should read if k = 0 or k = 1.

Page 631:

Line 22: This line should read do statement while (expression);

Page 647:

Line 12: "global variable" should be "global object".